WCA Benevolence Award

World Consciousness Alliance presented our first WCA Benevolence Awardin 2019 to Prof. P.S Perkins for Raising Consciousness Through… Language in the Arts.

We also thank Marjan Shallal owner of Busboy and Poets, along with her husband Andy Shallal, who gave us a jump start for this event, and letting us host this at their wonderful location!

See other 2019 Benevolence Award winners: https://wca.earth/awards/

Festival of Arts for Peace, DC

Our first event organized under the World Consciousness Alliance banner by our President, Andra Baylus, was held in DC on Sunday Nov 11 at the Busboys and Poets. There were many diverse performances that capped this wonderful event:

  • dramatic reading of MLK’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” by 3 young actors
  • a civil rights song,” It’s Been a Long Time Comin” and Beyonce’s “Freedom” song sung by an African American Muslim woman
  • an original poem dramatically presented by an actress
  • a folksy singer with guitar and harmonica singing, ” I Am an Immigrant” and his fabulous Participatory song, “Lift Me Up”
  • a Spoken Word Artist from Southeast DC that ” brought the house down”
  • a few singers from Mosaic Harmony Choir singing, “Help Me Make Peace”
  • a participatory song, “Harmony” sing with the Mosaic Harmony Choir sitting in the audience
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