Our Mission

    The World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) is a global union of people coming together from all walks of life, religions, and cultures working through the medium of the performing and visual arts to raise the frequency of our existence on this planet bringing about positive transformation by promoting …
    positivity, respect, harmony, compassion, love, and responsible living.

WCA's mission is inspired and powered by internationally renowned humanitarian and philanthropist Mohanji and his fundamental principles and teachings of how acting and operating with kindness, compassion, and responsibility towards one another and towards all living beings around us is critical to our growth as a species, and overall well being of our planet.

“It is now time to remind humans that it is our responsibility to raise the frequency of this generation of human beings on earth. The frequency that represents the highest possibilities of our human existence rests on our consistent actions of compassion, of sharing and caring, unconditional love, kindness, selflessness, non-violence, truthfulness and righteousness.”

- Mohanji

We see an urgent need to emphasize and increase the ‘goodness factor’ in each and every one of us at this critical time in our history where the society we live in today is, unfortunately, driven strongly by principles that value and reward material gratification while disregarding the catastrophic consequences of our choices. Such selfish behavior has also bred deep negativity in our collective consciousness that is wreaking havoc upon our own harmonious existence in this world. Unless each of us realize and reach our highest human potential by consistently exhibiting the core traits of what defines us as a true human being, in thoughts, words and action, any subsequent evolution cannot happen.

A Global Movement

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