Who Are We?

World Consciousness Alliance is made up of a diverse set of like-minded volunteers from around the world who are driven by a core purpose of adding value to this world, and making this a better place for all beings on this planet. We come from different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, age groups, gender, speak different languages, and reside in different parts of the world; but we are unified by the core mission of WCA to raise the consciousness of every human on this planet.


Founder & Inspiration for WCA

Andra Baylus

President of the Board

David B.Vogt, Esq.

Board Member, Legal

Petra Franov

Board Member

George Obengduro

Board Member

Thea Ivie


Santosh Govindaraju

Board Member, Finance

Erin Thibault-Morphy

Board Member, Creative Arts Director

Sanja Stankovic

Board Member, Human Resources

Ami Hughes

Board Member

Arvind Ananthan

Board Member, Technology

Dejan Bogatinovski

Webmaster, Technology Advisor

Indran Panneerselvam

Social Media Strategist

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